Nutri Grain

Breakfast Bar Mixed Berry (295g)

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Nutri Grain Mixed Berry breakfast bars are made with invigorating whole grains and the sweet delight of a filling made with mixed berries flavor to keep you moving at the speed of morning.


INGREDIENTS: Filling [sugar, corn syrup, vegetable glycerin, apple puree concentrate, strawberry puree concentrate, blueberry puree concentrate, modified corn starch, natural flavour (contains maltol), raspberry puree concentrate, concentrated carrot juice (for colour), modified cellulose, malic acid, citric acid, sodium alginate, sodium citrate, dicalcium phosphate], Sugars (sugar/glucose-fructose, dextrose), Whole grain oats, Wheat flour (thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin), Whole grain whole wheat flour, Vegetable oil, Vegetable oil shortening, Milk ingredients, Salt, Cellulose, Natural flavour, Potassium bicarbonate, Wheat bran, Soy lecithin, Wheat gluten, Corn starch, Carrageenan, Guar gum. Contains: Oats, Wheat, Milk, Soy.

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