Bull's Eye

BBQ Sauce Guiness (425ml)

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Tune your tastebuds with Bull's Eye BBQ Hickory Sauce! This time, Bull's Eye comes up with the most scrumptious, juicy and tempting barbeque sauce. Fresh grinded spices, tomato puree and other flavours create a delectable, savoury experience. Marinate with Bull's Eye before you cook to tenderize the meat or brush on your steaks.


INGREDIENTS: Sugar/glucose-fructose, Water, Vinegar, Stout Beer (contains Barley, Tomato Paste, Cooking Molasses, Brown Sugar, Modified Cornstarch, Salt, Mustard, Dried Onions, Spices And Seasonings, Flavour, Dried Garlic, Colour. Contains: Barley, Mustard.

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